Jail Release

Jail Release

When a person is arrested their mind typically shifts to getting released from jail. Several questions will be running through the accused mind, including “how is bail set?”. Once a person is charged with an offense he or she is booked into the County Jail until the bail has been set through the present bail schedule or by a magistrate. The type of jail bond and the bond amount is decided by the magistrate judge. Under the Taxes law every individuals charged with an offense has the right to bail except in the case of capital murder suspects.

Bail Bond & Amount

The bond type and the amount are set by the magistrate judge after reviewing the criminal history of the accused. There are three types of bonds;

  1. Personal bond. This is bond stating a defendant in a criminal case will appear at all future court dates. The defendant does not have to post bail. However, the accused will forfeit the amount in the bond if the accused fails to appear. This type of bond is also known as a release on recognizance bond.
  2. Cash bond. A cash bond is a bond where the court will only accept cash for the full bail amount. This type of bond excludes all secured bond types, including those secured by property or other collateral.
  3. Surety bond. A surety bond or surety is three-party agreement. This includes a promise by a surety or guarantor to pay the court a certain amount if the accused fails to meet their legal obligation to appear.

The attorney you hire can write the bail bond only in the case where he or she is retained as an attorney in the cases. If the said attorney is not retained on the case then you may hire a bondsman that is suggested by your attorney.

There is no fixed amount set for bail. The amount of bond depends entirely on the circumstances of the cases. Misdemeanor bail typically ranges from $500 to $10,000. The bail amount is set relative to the crime. For example, in the case of allegations involving violence bail tends to be set higher.

Procedure For Jail Release

The procedure for bail varies in each case as it depends upon the circumstances and the County where the inmate is booked. If the inmate is booked in the Travis County, then he or she is required to pay 3% or $300, whichever is higher, of the bail amount to the court in order to get released from prison. Inmates can also get out early from the Travis County jail on the basis of good behavior. All these conditions only apply if the inmate meets the requirements of the bail.

How Can An Attorney Help

The best way to get your loved one out of jail is to hire an attorney as soon as possible because an attorney can help you get your person out of jail much more quickly than a person that doesn’t hire an attorney. Under Texas law, the attorney has the power to speak to the convicted inside the jail and gather all the necessary information that is required to fill out the bond applications. The attorney can also file a motion to reduce the bond amount for individuals that are unable to pay the full amount.

The attorneys are also very well connected with the judges because it is their routine procedure which is why they can meet with the judge and convince them to set the bond. The attorneys have much more knowledge about the case then a normal person thus an experienced attorney can use every rule in the law book to get his or her client released in short order.

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