Assault is when someone attacks another person physically or verbally and provides harm to that person. Assault is a serious criminal offence because it involves the violation of the basic human rights of the person who was attacked. Even giving threats to a person for physical harm maybe considered as assault and will be treated strictly. If a person does not cause any actual physical harm to another person but only threatens him and upsets him by trespassing his personal space, he will also be charged with assault.

Assault in the state of Texas

The Texas Penal Code takes assault very seriously and has a list of pre-decided rules and regulations.

Punishments regarding assault

A person who is charged of an assault may be sentenced to the following if proven guilty:

  • He or she can serve up to one year of imprisonment and a fine of up to four thousand dollars.
  • He or she can serve 180 days of imprisonment along with a fine of about two thousand dollars.
  • He or she can be fined for up to five hundred dollars
  • A third-degree felony can lead to two to ten years of jail imprisonment and a fine of about ten thousand dollars.
    The guilty can also be charged with restitution, which means he or she will have to pay for the expenses of the victim or destruction of property.

These punishments depend upon the severity of the assault committed, the level of harm done to the person and the extent of property destructed. Domestic violence and destruction are also graded under assault and have additional consideration in the Texas Penal Code. This includes violence among the partners in a relationship, assault amongst family members or the assault of parents towards a minor child.

Always seek legal advice

If a person is accused of assault, he or she should always get an attorney to handle his or her case. Unprofessional attitudes may lead to years of imprisonment and heavy fines. Having an attorney can save you from both.

The Texas Penal Code, also offers some ways to skip the jail imprisonment, including a deferred adjudication or community supervision. These options are only available depending on the severity of the crime. Failure to comply with these facilities may result in prison and fine.

How can an attorney help you?

In all of the above-mentioned cases, having an attorney by your side can save you from many troubles and criminal convictions. Avoiding criminal conviction is extremely important for your legal record. If you have a criminal record from the State of Texas, it can impede you in many areas of your life. You will face problems whenever applying for colleges, student loans, rental apartments, or even jobs. The importance of a clear legal record is undisputed. A felony conviction impacts your right to possess firearms and your right to vote.

An attorney can be a lifesaver

An experienced attorney can help you achieve a successful outcome. The Hull Firm will take into consideration every scenario and its resultant outcome. The Hull Firm will help you make well-informed legal decisions in your case.

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